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Trevor J.

President and Founder of Bikers Against Domestic Violence

“We are trying to reach as many people as possible and push awareness for all things domestic violence as a 501(C)(3). I was recently told about your ConcernCenter site in the state of Utah and it’s quite possibly the greatest thing I have ever seen. We have been trying to build a list of organizations in the state and what services they offer – then I was told about your site! Amazing!”

Geri M.

Student Care Manager, University of Louisville

“Our student’s use of ConcernCenter increased by 57% this Spring semester compared to last Spring. When we went online for the quarantine, we pushed it even more.”

Karla F.

Director of Student Support, Slippery Rock University

“We are loving ConcernCenter at Slippery Rock University!!”

Middle School Student

“My classmates and I loved learning about ConcernCenter! This website is so helpful for anything you may be having an issue with.”

Jessica T.

Crisis Response Manager for Residential Life, Binghamton University

“The website is amazing. It’s a great information hub for people who might not be ready to engage with other resources or support systems and want to do it on their own.”
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Karen L., Ph.D.

Assistant to the Vice President, SUNY Brockport

“ConcernCenter enhances what the counseling center and campus resources can do because it eliminates barriers that prevent students from arriving at a resource by connecting the dots for them.”
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Darnell P.

VP of Business Development, Dorm Room Movers

“I have worked at four different college institutions, and as a campus administrator, there is absolutely nothing like ConcernCenter. This is exactly what students need — a way access help in a way that makes sense to them. ConcernCenter is onto something that may very well change how colleges/universities address finding support for mental health, and other concerns.”