Connecting Concerns with Solutions

The people you’re trying to help can’t always find answers on their own.

ConcernCenter puts a prioritized list of support options in their hands based on their concern.

When someone you are responsible for needs help — with their work, their interpersonal relationships, or their mental health — where can they turn? The ConcernCenter custom resource tool is designed to give individuals quick and easy access to the support options they need — leading to a happier, more effective and healthier organization.

Research has shown that the ability for people to directly find resources is one of the primary indicators of whether they’ll follow through with support. So ConcernCenter allows people to access resources in the way that makes the most sense to them, from their mobile device or computer. They won’t need to know ahead of time that “this office” or department assists with “that concern.” They just identify their issue in ConcernCenter and immediately receive a list of helpful resources chosen and entered by your staff. Each entry can include contact information, email capabilities, and even a GPS map to help them find places that can assist.

ConcernCenter is fully customizable — make it look and feel just like your organization. And it can easily link to any pre-existing referral system you may use. Plus, it’s compatible with Google Analytics, so you can see which concerns are selected most often and adjust your education and resources as necessary.

You’ll also find that ConcernCenter is accessible. It’s fully compliant with Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and it’s available in English and Spanish.

Students, employees, veterans — the people you care about most — are looking for help right now. Let ConcernCenter simplify their search process and increase the use of your established resources. For more about how the ConcernCenter custom resource tool can work for your organization, including information on pricing and set up, email info at concern center dot com.

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Your version of ConcernCenter will be customized to address your organizations specific concerns, available resources, logos, and images.

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