The Education They Want. The Support They Deserve.

It is not uncommon for college students to struggle at some point during their academic career. Some concerns are minor and easily overcome, while others can have significant effects on a student’s mental health and retention. Although they are often willing to seek the help they need, students may not always know where to turn. That’s where ConcernCenter can help.

How does ConcernCenter work?

Students simply enter their concern into your fully customized, ConcernCenter resource hub and are provided with a prioritized list of helpful resources selected by college personnel to help solve the issue. “Resources” can be people, offices, videos, forms, app suggestions, or even off-campus supports.

ConcernCenter is…

  • Able to be viewed anonymously and securely

  • Fully customizable to your institution's brand and resources.

  • Compatible with Google Analytics.

  • Accessible from a desktop, or on a mobile device, 24/7/365.

  • Easily able to link to internal report forms.

  • User-friendly and easy to edit.

  • Viewable in 100+ languages.

  • 100% Section 508 Americans with Disabilities Act compliant.

  • A way for administrators to view which concerns are selected most often.

  • Able to accept infinite concerns and resources.

Who Benefits From ConcernCenter?

See how ConcernCenter helps you provide the people you care about with quick access to the resources they need to address their specific concerns.