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Hosted on AWS

Because Every Second Counts

Two minutes is all you may get to provide people with the help they need before they give up, stop searching, and leave their concern unresolved – potentially leading to more issues. ConcernCenter chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the host for all of our platforms for its consistency, exceptional up-time, and ability to handle substantial user traffic 24/7/365.

Customers who trust AWS can also trust ConcernCenter, knowing that precision, exceptional service, and quality care are core tenants of both solutions.

Dynamic Resource Information Generation

Efficient, scalable data base services to help us deliver personalized resources for specific concerns quickly and efficiently.

Secure and Anonymous Searching

AWS Certificate Manager and AWS Elastic allows us to secure and protect the anonymity of inbound and outbound traffic while ensuring network stability.

NYS Office of Victim Services


There are over 450 resources in the State of New York that support victims of crime. Victims and their families do not always know which resource can most appropriately assist with their unique concern.


Through the ConcernCenter ZIP Code platform, we paired 450 resources with over 200 common concerns experienced by victims of crime and their families, allowing the user to simply identify their concern and receive relevant results.


Within the first year of implementation, over 1,500 people per month were visiting the NYSOVS ConcernCenter platform in order to receive the support they needed for their unique and personalized concerns.

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When people need support resources and have a hard time finding the help that they need, they may disengage, stop looking for options, give up, or let a problem get bigger. Bigger problems are not only more costly, they’re also harder to manage and deescalate.