How does ConcernCenter work?2023-05-23T10:42:08+00:00

Anyone with your organization's link can access ConcernCenter from their desktop or mobile device. They identify a concern, from anxiety, to relationship trouble, problems with finances, signs of depression, and more. ConcernCenter then provides a prioritized list of helpful resources—previously identified by staff within your organization—to assist with their particular concern. These resources can be people, confidential help lines, or even external, community services and programs.

Which organizations should consider ConcernCenter?2020-04-02T21:10:05+00:00

Any organization that offers multiple support resources would benefit from ConcernCenter.

Who can access ConcernCenter?2020-04-02T21:11:46+00:00

Anyone who knows the ConcernCenter link associated with your organization can access ConcernCenter. In order to “Contact this Resource” you may need to have an organization-specific e-mail address.

Does ConcernCenter come preloaded with a common list of concerns?2021-08-21T17:29:17+00:00

Yes, we offer preloaded concerns for the various industries including K-12 school districts, colleges and universities, employee assistance programs, offices for victims of crime, and veterans associations. Concerns were identified using focus groups with members of each industry.

How many concerns can we add to ConcernCenter?2020-04-02T21:33:32+00:00

There is no limit to the number of concerns that may be added to ConcernCenter.

Do you have a list of additional resources we can add to our platform?2022-11-07T20:12:46+00:00

Absolutely! You can add our Virtual Resource Bank (VRB) to any ConcernCenter platform for a small fee. The VRB is a listing of over 100 reviewed, vetted, and approved virtual and available anywhere resources that have been intentionally selected to support your user's most common concerns.

Can I see which concerns or resources are asked about most?2020-04-02T21:17:21+00:00

Google Analytics can be used with ConcernCenter to show which concerns are selected most and how many users are visiting your site. ConcernCenter does not collect or store any of this information on our servers.

What kinds of resources are provided through ConcernCenter?2021-10-29T20:22:57+00:00

Any on-site or community based resources—previously vetted by appropriate administrators—are easily added to ConcernCenter.

Who inputs the resources into ConcernCenter?2021-08-21T17:22:23+00:00

Resources are identified by staff within the organization and then added into your platform by a ConcernCenter Success Manager.

Who controls the ConcernCenter content for an organization?2022-09-05T18:09:15+00:00

Staff at your institution can update and maintain the categories, concerns, and resources that have been input into ConcernCenter through specific user logins. If preferred, your ConcernCenter Success Manager can easily make desired changes on the backend of your platform.

What if we need to make changes to a resource or edit a concern?2022-09-05T18:10:00+00:00

Staff at your institution will have full access to update and manage your institution’s concerns and resources. Our background system is very user friendly. If preferred, your ConcernCenter Success Manager can easily make desired changes on the backend of your platform.

Can ConcernCenter comply with our organization's brand guidelines?2020-04-02T21:35:07+00:00

Yes, ConcernCenter is fully customizable to match your organization’s colors, logos, images and more.

What type of training is provided for my team?2022-09-05T18:13:55+00:00

A member of our Implementation Team will walk you through each and every step of the set up process ensuring you feel comfortable with the content and management of your platform.

Is ConcernCenter fully Americans with Disabilities Act Compliant, Levels A/AA?2020-04-05T00:50:27+00:00

Yes. ConcernCenter is fully compliant with ADA levels A/AA, certified by ACS, Inc.

Can students access ConcernCenter from their mobile devices?2020-04-02T21:35:53+00:00

Yes, ConcernCenter may be accessed from either a desktop, mobile device, or your organization’s mobile application.

Can veterans access ConcernCenter from their mobile devices?2020-04-02T21:36:00+00:00

Yes, ConcernCenter may be accessed from either a desktop, mobile device, or on your organization’s mobile application.

Can employees access ConcernCenter from their mobile devices?2020-04-02T21:36:11+00:00

Yes, ConcernCenter may be accessed from either an employee’s desktop, their mobile device, or even your organization’s mobile application.

Can I submit an anonymous tip about someone I am concerned about from the ConcernCenter platform?2020-04-05T00:49:45+00:00

Yes. ConcernCenter has the ability to link to preexisting forms developed by your organization.

How do I tell someone else about ConcernCenter?2021-08-21T17:32:48+00:00

You can forward a link to the ConcernCenter website to someone else by using the form below. We appreciate your support!

How much does ConcernCenter cost?2021-12-16T17:10:00+00:00

Pricing ConcernCenter involves unique factors such as which version of ConcernCenter best fits your organization's needs, how many individuals will be served by your platform, and expected implementation time. You can receive a quote, specific to your organization, by filling out the form below.

Should we consider a “do it yourself” solution instead?2022-04-14T21:21:26+00:00

ConcernCenter’s primary purpose is to provide a secure platform for connecting concerns to available solutions. We accomplish this by ensuring that your platform maintains high availability, customization, and continuously improved by providing the following:

  • Regular product improvements (often based on customer feedback) at no additional cost and with the support of a UI specialist
  • Hosting and maintaining your platform
  • Reviewing, maintaining, and improving server security
  • Providing real-time troubleshooting
  • Providing data related to national-trend use of our platforms
  • Providing a monthly usage report associated with your platform
  • Regularly updating “additional search terms” on the backend to improve your student's use of the system
  • Completing manual site-reviews every 4 months and suggest specific platform improvements
  • Running daily ADA compliance checks
  • Making ConcernCenter available in over 100+ languages
  • Providing you access to our client community for info/idea sharing

It's important to review what would be your very reasonable SaaS annual fee against the costs (including opportunity costs) associated with adapting or developing your own platforms (building, testing, reviewing, data gathering and entry, product improvements, implementation, UI, security, etc.) when making this decision.

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