31 01/2023

Where has ConcernCenter been successful?

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ConcernCenter’s four platform options are in use in colleges and universities, non-profits, K12 school districts, government agencies, and businesses. Any organization that 1) has resources and 2) can identify common concerns their users may experience would benefit from ConcernCenter’s solution.

31 01/2023

How is ConcernCenter different?

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Our user-friendly search capabilities only require the customer to know why they are struggling, not what resources they need. In addition, ConcernCenter places the organization as a trusted adviser with unique information about which resources can support their customers most common problems.

31 01/2023

What problem does ConcernCenter solve?

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When people need support resources and have a hard time finding the help that they need, they may disengage, stop looking for options, give up, or let a problem get bigger. Bigger problems are not only more costly, they’re also harder to manage and deescalate.

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