Go-Live Date: 11.01.2023

ConcernCenter Admin Experience & Technology Update


This release focused on backend work to update critical components of the ConcernCenter Admin Experience. These updates will provide a more modern user experience and improved performance.

These changes were implemented seamlessly and require no changes on your part. Our team meticulously migrated all site data to ensure no disruption to your process or end users.

User Experience Update


You will see several cosmetic updates as well as minor changes that will simplify your navigation of the admin pages.

These updates allow ConcernCenter to align with current UI/UX trends and will enable us to roll out incremental changes in response to feedback we get from you.


Mobile Friendly – Responsive

These new updates make the ConcernCenter admin screens fully responsive which will improve the experience when you want to review settings or make changes on the go.
A Mobile App Screenshot

Dark Mode

ConcernCenter cares about your eyes. With these new updates we are now able to offer Dark Mode, a trend you’ve likely seen in your favorite apps.


As adoption and usage of ConcernCenter platforms increase, you should be confident that the performance and experience on your site will not be impacted. This update allows us to continue to provide the service and performance you have come to expect from us.

How To Use It

We are excited about this update and hope that you see this as a continued demonstration of our dedication to provide you with a platform that you can depend on as you look to provide relevant and meaningful services to the communities you serve.

Once again, no action is required, on your part, to take advantage of this new update. If you do have questions, or would just like to chat, please reach out to rebecca@concerncenter.com.