ConcernCenter’s primary purpose is to provide a secure platform for connecting concerns to available solutions. We accomplish this by ensuring that your platform maintains high availability, customization, and continuously improved by providing the following:

  • Regular product improvements (often based on customer feedback) at no additional cost and with the support of a UI specialist
  • Hosting and maintaining your platform
  • Reviewing, maintaining, and improving server security
  • Providing real-time troubleshooting
  • Providing data related to national-trend use of our platforms
  • Providing a monthly usage report associated with your platform
  • Regularly updating “additional search terms” on the backend to improve your student's use of the system
  • Completing manual site-reviews every 4 months and suggest specific platform improvements
  • Running daily ADA compliance checks
  • Making ConcernCenter available in over 100+ languages
  • Providing you access to our client community for info/idea sharing

It's important to review what would be your very reasonable SaaS annual fee against the costs (including opportunity costs) associated with adapting or developing your own platforms (building, testing, reviewing, data gathering and entry, product improvements, implementation, UI, security, etc.) when making this decision.