31 01/2023

Where has ConcernCenter been successful?

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ConcernCenter’s four platform options are in use in colleges and universities, non-profits, K12 school districts, government agencies, and businesses. Any organization that 1) has resources and 2) can identify common concerns their users may experience would benefit from ConcernCenter’s solution.

31 01/2023

How is ConcernCenter different?

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Our user-friendly search capabilities only require the customer to know why they are struggling, not what resources they need. In addition, ConcernCenter places the organization as a trusted adviser with unique information about which resources can support their customers most common problems.

31 01/2023

What problem does ConcernCenter solve?

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When people need support resources and have a hard time finding the help that they need, they may disengage, stop looking for options, give up, or let a problem get bigger. Bigger problems are not only more costly, they’re also harder to manage and deescalate.

14 04/2022

Should we consider a “do it yourself” solution instead?

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ConcernCenter’s primary purpose is to provide a secure platform for connecting concerns to available solutions. We accomplish this by ensuring that your platform maintains high availability, customization, and continuously improved by providing the following: Regular product improvements (often based on customer feedback) at no additional cost and with the support of a UI specialist Hosting and maintaining your platform Reviewing, maintaining, and improving server security Providing real-time troubleshooting Providing data related to national-trend use of our platforms Providing a monthly [...]

14 12/2021

How much does ConcernCenter cost?

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Pricing ConcernCenter involves unique factors such as which version of ConcernCenter best fits your organization's needs, how many individuals will be served by your platform, and expected implementation time. You can receive a quote, specific to your organization, by filling out the form below.

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