September 5, 2023. Rochester, New York

Halligan Creative Arts, a growing art therapy practice in upstate New York, has finalized a multi-year agreement with ConcernCenter to provide the practice's patients with streamlined access to the support resources they need.  With therapy practices seeing an increase in clients and families needing support and resources outside of regular therapy sessions, many are seeking new tools to help patients access additional help.  Halligan selected ConcernCenter to provide patients with intuitive, user-friendly access to local and national support resources.

According to ConcernCenter CEO and president Dr. Erin Halligan-Avery, “Organizations try very hard to provide support options to the people in their care, but the way this information is presented is often confusing and frustrating. Simply having a “resources” page on their website, even if the resource links are categorized, is not the way people want and need to access support. We created ConcernCenter with the users' needs as the first and only priority. Halligan Creative Arts knew this when they invested in ConcernCenter. It is clear that they want the best and most equitable access to support for the clients they serve.”

Halligan Creative Art's ConcernCenter portal goes live today with connections to numerous care and resource providers; providers often referred to by the clinicians at Halligan Creative Art themselves, throughout the area. Resources available anywhere, anytime are also included.

As our busy mental health practice has grown, we've noticed comprehensive care support and collaborations are also growing. ConcernCenter will allow us to streamline how clients can access additional services from one central location. It is an efficient way for therapists to share information across the team without having to know each individual resource. It also provides an opportunity for us to continue to grow and collaborate with local resources so that our clients receive the best care, no matter how complex their concerns.”  said Shannon Halligan, owner of Halligan Creative Arts.   

Halligan looks forward to continuing to add information and resources to her practice’s ConcernCenter database to more easily provide comprehensive support to their clients.


About Halligan Creative Arts

Halligan Creative Arts is a growing private practice serving about 130 clients and families with a team of 9 therapists. Their group art therapy practice is located in the city of Rochester, NY and is paneled with major insurance companies to serve more clients in the community. The practice currently has about 90% of clients who utilize insurance for their mental health care. Halligan also offers sliding scale and reduced rate fees to clients in need. In addition, Halligan Creative Arts offers group therapy, summer camps, social programs and community arts classes and workshops. They are also in the final stages of being a New York State certified Continuing Education Units (CEU) site for training and workshops for mental health professionals. The team is composed of Licensed Art Therapists who have experience supporting myriad clients including those with disabilities, on the Autism Spectrum, with Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, OCD, DID, Type 1 Diabetes, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and Mood Disorders. Therapists at Halligan Creative Arts believe that all people have potential for healing and growth, no matter what their story of experiences have been.   

About ConcernCenter

ConcernCenter is a private business that helps good intentioned organizations such as government agencies, colleges and universities, companies, non-profits, K-12 school districts, and veterans’ organizations provide the people they care about with quick access to the resources they need to address their specific concerns. By putting a prioritized list of support options in their hands, ConcernCenter empowers people to connect with the resources that matter most, so they can find the support they need in just a few clicks, achieve greater wellness, and improve their outlook. Follow Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for more.