Rochester, NY – April 29, 2024 ConcernCenter is proud to announce it has partnered with NABITA, the National Association for Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment.

NABITA will become a certified reseller of ConcernCenter products, adding our valuable tools to their expanding suite of products and consulting offerings. Our ConcernCenter well-being platform will be provided free of charge to NABITA’s higher education Super Members and will be added to the K-12 Professional Development Package in the near future.

“This opportunity is a perfect fit for our two organizations,” said ConcernCenter CEO and President, Dr. Erin Halligan-Avery. “I first connected with NABITA when I created ConcernCenter as a case manager at a private college and have served as a member of the NABITA Board for 10 years so we have a deep understanding of how ConcernCenter can provide their college and K-12 members with the ability to connect people with concerns to the resources they need to solve them.”

“Case management and behavioral intervention is tough and important work. ConcernCenter and NABITA are committed to making this work easier for practitioners in the field so they can better support individuals in distress,” said NABITA President, Dr. Makenzie Schiemann. “NABITA and ConcernCenter have aligned missions, making this partnership a natural fit. I am excited to see how we will continue to support the field by getting this helpful tool into the hands of our members.” ConcernCenter is excited to begin our partnership to help NABITA continue to meet its vision of making schools and workplaces safer environments where development, education, and caring intervention are fostered and encouraged.


The National Association for Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment is committed to providing education, development, and support to professionals who endeavor every day to make their schools and workplaces safer through caring prevention and intervention.

About ConcernCenter

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