27 08/2019

Some K-12 Districts are Ready to Identify Students of Concern, Others Are Not… Yet

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The date was April 16, 2007. I think it was a Monday. I know it was a day that changed the landscape of student support on college campuses, forever. On this day an undergraduate student opened fire, shot, and killed 32 people and wounded 17 others on the campus of Virginia Tech. The nation was stunned. If this could happen on a college campus—where smart and capable students were focusing on bettering themselves and their futures—it could happen anywhere. In [...]

18 07/2019

Mental Health Classes in Public Schools – The Ripple Effect

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Can you see me? I’m standing in my kitchen with a half-eaten pear in one hand, my mouth full, and the other hand ‘air-pumping’ up and down in celebration of the great news: Florida will now require mental health classes in public schools. Florida students (joining their peers from New York, Texas and Virginia) in grades 6-12 will now be required to take courses that help them identify: The signs and symptoms of mental health disorders, How to get help [...]