Rochester, NY – October 30, 2023  Campus Kaizen, a leading provider of educational management solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with ConcernCenter, a prominent provider of student well-being and mental health directory services. This collaboration will empower Campus Kaizen, via its Guardian Case Management Software to offer ConcernCenter's innovative well-being platform to all of its clients, giving millions of students improved access to the support and resources available at schools and educational institutions.

Campus Kaizen’s commitment to providing comprehensive and effective educational management solutions aligns seamlessly with ConcernCenter's mission to promote student well-being and mental health in an easy, efficient, and equitable way. By joining forces, the two organizations aim to address the holistic needs of students and educators alike.

With the integration of ConcernCenter's platform into the Guardian ecosystem, clients will gain access to a wide range of tools and resources designed to support students' emotional and mental health. These resources include student self-help modules, articles of interest, app suggestions, national hotlines and text lines and more. This partnership will enable schools to proactively identify and address students' well-being concerns, ultimately fostering healthier and more supportive learning environments.

“ConcernCenter’s integration with Guardian is like, ‘coming home,’” said ConcernCenter CEO and President, Dr. Erin Halligan-Avery.  “Student well-being is at the core of every successful educational institution's mission, and this collaboration will enable us to offer cutting-edge solutions to support schools in their efforts to nurture healthy and resilient students.”

The partnership between Campus Kaizen and ConcernCenter underscores both companies' commitment to advancing student well-being and mental health, particularly in light of the evolving challenges faced by educational institutions today.

Campus Kaizen CEO, Jay Sensi commented on the partnership, “Erin and her mission with ConcernCenter align perfectly with our mission for Guardian, and I am both proud and excited to form this partnership with Erin and her team. Our goal with Guardian is to provide a school or district with an easy-to-use reporting and case management system to best support their students, employees, and communities. The inclusion of ConcernCenter adds yet another level of support for our clients and their communities. In addition to Guardian’s intake of reports of concerning behaviors or activities and allowing appropriate staff members the ability to document and manage their review of each case, ConcernCenter will now further enable us to provide reporting parties with quick access to resources they may benefit from immediately.”

Campus Kaizen and ConcernCenter are excited to embark on this journey of collaboration and innovation, with a shared goal of enhancing well-being and fostering success for students across the country.

About Campus Kaizen
Campus Kaizen is a leading provider of software solutions for education. A flagship product of Campus Kaizen’s, Guardian is a leading solution for education case management, and is used by thousands of Higher Education and K-12 schools nationwide. Used to intake reports and manage cases of various types, including Title IX, Behavioral Intervention, Student and Employee Conduct/Discipline, ADA 504 and more, Guardian is tailored to each clients' processes to support effective reviews and investigations while creating efficiencies. For more information on Guardian, or to schedule a product demonstration, please visit

About ConcernCenter
ConcernCenter is a leading provider of student well-being and mental health solutions for educational institutions. Their platform offers early intervention capabilities, data analytics, student self-help modules, and robust reporting features to support the well-being of students and create healthier learning environments. ConcernCenter's mission is to promote student success by prioritizing their emotional and mental health. For more information, please visit